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3/19: Open game thread

Happy Felix Day no you don't get a song yet it doesn't count Spring Training please end now bye thank you.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Well the Mariners are back at it again tonight after losing an afternoon game to the Royals with a score of 5-4. First, the good news:

Well how 'bout that! 57 pitches in five innings is no chump change for mid-March, although I have to keep reminding myself that spring, spring, spring. Kyle Seager and Seth Smith both scored a pair of hits on the afternoon, and DJ Peterson saw his first action of the season after replacing Jesus Montego in the eighth inning. The real story for the 'pen however is that Joe Wieland both threw two great innings and one...well, it's a split squad game, he was pitching in long relief, whatever. It's not like we need to be thinking real hard about the bullpen anyway.

Tonight, however, the Mariners will be taking on the Diamondbacks at their Peoria home, with the King on the mound. It's a lefty-heavy lineup with an Ed Lucas appearance at third, and the real fun part is who we get to see in the five-hole for Arizona tonight. /insert that picture, you know, that one.


Game info

  • Mariners vs Diamondbacks, 7:10 PM PST
  • TV: ROOT
  • Radio: 710 ESPN
  • Online: