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Lookout Landing week in review

In which I remind myself how good I have it.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

As the Cactus League hums on we hear at LL have had a busy week. Many of us are making preparations to travel Peoria to watch the team for a few days, and we have welcomed multiple contributors. In many way Lookout Landing has felt like the days prior to hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or welcoming long-missed guests. We have been running around, trying to get the house clean, and make everything just so for Opening Day.

As a consequence for this state of affairs the week has been filled to bursting with, I believe, high quality work from the staff. This weekend will see a particularly lighter schedule, perhaps even more so than our usual weekends, as we make travel plans and catch our breath. As such, I thought it might be nice to simply provide a brief summary of the high quality work the staff put in this week. Consider this post one long "In Case You Missed It".

Wow that's actually a lot more than I remember there being. Like I said, we've been going fairly quickly. I'll be in Phoenix next week, and hopefully that will bring some fun looks at what's going on down there with the team. Either way, thanks as always for reading and commenting along with us this week. We move onward, 16 days until Opening Day.