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Boog, Zunino, and Cody Martin optioned to AAA

Not really any surprises.

Go be great.
Go be great.
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Coming across the Lookout Landing News Desk this morning is a few moves with three guys on the 40 Man being optioned to AAA Tacoma. While none of the these moves should really surprise, Boog Powell, Mike Zunino, and Cody Martin were all sent down earlier this morning.

Moving these three to Minor League camp this early isn't a reflection of poor performance this Spring, rather a will to start seasoning them. With Zunino, we all knew that he was to start the season in AAA as a means of recovering his swing. There's no doubt that last season he was lost at the plate. This offseason, Jerry and Scott made a special point of emphasizing the retooling of Mike Zunino as a key factor for the M's organization. Likely the move of Zunino out of MLB camp will also allow the team to give more time to Steve Clevenger and Rob Brantly to fight over the back-up role on the 25 Man roster.

Boog Powell has showed incredibly well this Spring and should provide hope for fans wondering if there is any real outfield cover down on the farm. His defense looks serviceable, even in center, and his bat looks like it may be an actual, MLB tool. Sending him down to AAA will give the team time to watch him develop under their philosophy and make decisions on his Mariner future appropriately. If all stays the same, he's at least a September call-up this season, if not before.

Finally, Cody Martin, wherever he is, is maybe the most surprising of the three to get optioned this early. With the injuries to the bullpen pilling up a bit, and Cody being one of the few, healthy, multiple inning options in camp, his optioning to AAA either means he was never really in contention for a bullpen spot, or they see him as one for the future and want to watch the progression. The two outings I saw of his were impressive enough, and they had him throwing a relatively heavy load early on. I don't think this is the last time we see Cody Martin.

Long story short, all three of these guys we should probably see in the TRIDENT AND TRUE GREEN AND BLUE this season and while you are allowed to miss them, do not worry for them. They are just fine. They'll all be back soon.

It Is Friday.