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Podcast: Dome and Bedlam IV with Aaron Goldsmith

Aaron tells us where the beef is. SPOILER: Minnesota(?)

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We're back, with more tangentially-Mariner related nonsense surrounding a gracious visit of an actually important person. Today on the show we are beyond thrilled to welcome Mariner play by play announcer and 1st-tier member of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness Aaron Goldsmith. Aaron talks about Spring Training, beef, Birminghman, AL, beef, Netflix recommendations, dad'ing, and some beef. We are overwhelmingly grateful to Aaron for his time and his continued excellence in the booth. We are fortunate, friends. Be grateful for Aaron.

During the rest of the show we again talk about the slowly rising concern over bullpen injuries, Nelson Cruz, Felix Hernandez, and, because Scott and David are bad, the Bachelor. To close out the show we draft a Mariner Quidditch team, which was interesting because as it turns out we don't know very much about Quidditch.

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Dome and Bedlam IV

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