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3/17: Open game thread

James Paxton Vs. Kendall Graveman

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In honor of James Paxton's new jungle cat-esque physique welcome to a last second surprise game thread! Also, I'm sorry this is late. The blue wire, they said. Cut the blue wire. But what they meant was the Northwest Green wire and well why are there so many wires to begin with? And why would you have them be so close in color!? There was even another one that was teal!

Anyway today the Mariners are playing the Athletics in an exhibition game. The aforementioned James Paxton is on the mound, and he is "scheduled" to throw 5 innings. Fun fact, over 2014-2015 James Paxton made it through a minimum of 5 innings in 17 of his 26 starts, or roughly 65%. So, while I'll certainly be rooting for excellent, early-2014, bringer of 97 MPH death James Paxton I am not really planning on it. Prove me wrong, Crossfit Dad.

Your lineups:

I will admit that today's sunshine make the idea of baseball much more attractive to me. It's almost enough to offset this whole "Stefen Romero: 1B" thing.

(Turns out Romero is a scratch and Dae-Ho Lee is starting. Yay?)

Get 'em, boys.

Game info

  • Mariners @ A's, 1:05 PDT, Hohokam (?) Stadium
  • TV: NOPE, Radio: 710 ESPN (Delay), Online: