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3/16: Open game thread

Kuma vs. Samardzija

Swing hard bat man.
Swing hard bat man.
Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Well how-dee-do-dee sports fans and welcome to another edition of Mariners Play Spring Ball. Here are today's lineups and things to salivate over seeing on real, live TV.

Today we get to watch Shawn O'Malley and Luis Sardinas, two contenders for the oft-discussed UTILITY role and let me tell you, this sort of job requires more than someone who can turn a screw, fix a sink, and find a new light bulb. This person must also hit .230 with a plus glove. So today we'll be looking for that. As well, we have quite a battle brewing for the platoon first baseman, and today we get to see that continue wi...oh, Efren Navarro is starting at first so enjoy whatever that is.

The M's commercials for the year dropped this morning and the esteemed Matt Ellis will have his take, as the resident movie person, about their quality and the like, however, in the leading moments towards the game, which was your favorite of the four?

Game Info:

  • M's vs. Giants, 1:10 ARIZONA STANDARD TIME
  • TV: ROOT Sports
  • Radio: 710 ESPN
  • Online:
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