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3/12: Open game(s) thread

James Paxton will pitch four innings, or: A Thursday Evening in June

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Well tonight the Mariners will get their first taste of evening baseball, as well as some wonderfully confusing split squad action as they take on the Reds at 6:05 and the Dodgers at 6:40. Lineups for both, and yes, Divish appears to be tweeting from a post-daylight-savings-time futurity (otherwise known as tomorrow, or simply Arizona):

Paxton is slotted to get four innings of work in against the Dodgers tonight, and with this game being on television and all, you should do yourself a favor and read Jake's piece about what just might be a sexy new changeup coming out of the M's rotation this year. Look for that to get some action tonight, especially now that we're out of that annoying find-the-plate-in-two-short-innings chapter of the spring.

In other exciting news, Guillermo Heredia is scheduled to make his Mariners debut tonight, and they were kind enough to put him in the televised game for us. The same can't be said for poor MiMo, who will be taking the mound to no cameras or microphones over in Goodyear an hour before you're going to be paying attention. I would say more about this, but I don't want to be blamed when he's the second option in the rotation after the inevitable elbowpocalypse this summer, when he did the Good And Fun Thing instead!


Game info

  • Mariners @ Reds, 6:05 PM PST (no TV, no radio)
  • Mariners vs. Dodgers, 6:40 PM PST
  • TV: ROOT
  • Radio: 710 ESPN