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3/10: Open game thread

Wade Miley Vs. Jon Lester

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Ok so here we go again, gang, with another chance to listen AND watch the primordial soup version of your 2016 Seattle Mariners. Today the team is going against This Year's Hotness, the Chicago Cubs. Fresh off another dominant season that saw Chicago extend its championship drought to 97 years, this year's Cubs come into Spring loaded with talent and hype in equal measure. They have Joe Maddon, who is fun and quirky.

Did you know that Joe Maddon is fun and quirky, keeping everybody loose? He wears funny t-shirts, he's Cool Stepdad, he'll let you party as long as it's at your house and you only drink alcohol, no drugs. Haha man that Joe Maddon, what a fun guy.

Anyway Dutton has our lineup:

And, because he is a very helpful beat writer, here's the pitchers scheduled to throw:

If you missed it Zach wrote an excellent post this morning on Blake Parker. I suggest you read it.

That's all for now. Crank up the Spring Training baseball, bad baseball, but better than no baseball at all.

Game info

Cubs @ Mariners - 12:05 PM, Peoria Stadium

Radio: 710 ESPN (One hour delay), TV: ROOT, Online: