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M's sign Joel Peralta to minor league deal

Another happy camper.

Come on down, Joel.
Come on down, Joel.
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Spring camp is coming up and every parent is trying to pawn their children off so they can get some damn peace and quiet for one week of the year. In come the parents of Joel Peralta, who allowed him to sign a minor league deal with a camp invite with the Seattle Mariners today.

After having his option declined by the Dodgers back in November, Peralta became a gun-for-hire, yet what calibre of bullet or if the gun even shoots anything but weak streams of water is yet to be seen. Having pitched only 29 innings for the Dodgers this past season in an injury filled season, it is difficult to say what Joel has left in the tank. Of course, this being a minor league deal with a spring invite means simply that in ten days, Peralta gets to show Jerry and The Brains what sort of insurance policy he is. The Pile grows ever taller as the Sun rises higher and higher in the midday sky.

Peralta turns 40 in March so it is hard to see him grinding out a full season of effective relief with the Boyz in the Pen, but he serves as yet another important piece when one of those arms chosen to open the year on the 25-man inevitably goes down to injury. He's bi-lingual, and certainly fits the profile of a player that contributes "outside the numbers" which is a point of emphasis for Dipoto. There isn't much to say beyond that. Joel's career year was in 2012 with the Rays, and his past season was certainly unremarkable. Word around MLB is that Peralta is a big chemistry guy, beloved by teammates and coaches. Could be a serious campfire-song play here by Jerry and Scott. Maybe his frustrating season in 2015 will propel him to find one last magic trick in that right arm of his. We're rooting for him.

Why am I excited about this, beyond the baseball and the smiles?

Well, Joel is also one hell of a dancer-

Love and goms.