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Twenty-Twos & Tridents, Ep. 050: Go M's (And Some News)

I don't know when exactly I started reading Lookout Landing, but I know what it was like. I think it was probably sometime during the 2010 season, though—admittedly, not close to as long as some people have been around. Though, the years go by fast.

I'd go to games, I'd walk back up to my small apartment on Capitol Hill, I'd climb into bed, and then I'd refresh until the recap showed up. When it was up, I'd spend the 20 or so minutes reading through Jeff's intro and corresponding bullets, hoping we shared the same optimistic view on some random particular event. Or hoping for a comedic comment on another bizarre happening.

It was perfect; it was modern sportswriting at its finest.

So it was something then when I eventually got to write for this very site, an opportunity Scott Weber afforded me. That was after Jon Shields gave me my first crack at Mariners blogging, over at the old Pro Ball NW. And of course, I can't say thanks enough to Nathan for all the incredible work he's done in shepherding this, the incredible version of LL that exists now.

Of course, Lookout Landing is much more than a website or publication. It is truly a community, the online hub for the Seattle Mariners' most passionate, knowledgeable and engaging fans. It's been an absolute pleasure to be immersed in and embraced by this community over the past few years. Both online and off, I've had the opportunity to meet and dialogue with some amazing people—many of whom I call close friends now.

But I should get to it, the news: my role in the online community of Mariners fans—one that expands beyond this site, to Twitter and elsewhere—is changing, but I'm not leaving it. I've taken a position in Digital Marketing with the Seattle Mariners. It's my dream job.

I can't think of a better time to join the organization, and I've been blown away in every exchange I've had with the talented people who work there. I cannot wait to get started, especially with spring training and Opening Day coming on fast.

It's bittersweet though, as this is likely my last post on Lookout Landing. I will be around though—it's my job to be around. But it's a change, and there's a lot of work to be done.

On the podcast, that's on a little bit of a hiatus until I get settled and figure out what to do there. I cannot say thank you enough to the loyal listeners we've built up over the past year-plus. I also can't say thanks enough to my brother Conner (@connerokeefe, follow him) for hanging in with me for a full 50 episodes. Doing this podcast with him, connecting with the group of listeners we have, is one of the most fun things I have ever done. It's silly, just two kids drinking beer and talking about the M's—but I'm proud of what we did. It's a blast.

With that, we do have an episode to send you off with before a bit of a break. There was lots to talk about.

To celebrate, I had Reuben's Hat Trick Triple IPA, and it was great. Conner had the Breakside IPA, which he very much enjoyed. Of course we had IPAs. What else would we have?

It's been a pleasure. And it's not over. Like I mentioned, I'll be around. You'll very likely still see me at the meet-ups. I cherish being a part of this community and the interactions I've had as a result. Those aren't over. Really, we're just getting started.

Lookout Landing is in incredible hands, and I look forward to watching what this absurdly talented group continues to do with the site.

But for now, farewell.

Go M's.