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Sporcle Friday: Mariners players with golden sombreros since 1995

A golden sombrero is a dreaded prize that is awarded to a player who strikes out four times in a single game. It is a hat that is worn with shame.

Sombreros for sale.
Sombreros for sale.

Because last week's Sporcle quiz dealt with a good offensive thing (walk offs), this week we'll be mixing it up and looking at a bad offensive thing (strikeouts). Specifically, striking out four (or more) times in a single game. There are few things that leave a hitter feeling more discouraged about their individual performance than pickin' up a golden sombrero. Thankfully, this isn't a feat that occurs very frequently. Since 1995, 48 different Mariners have combined to earn 84 golden sombreros (a rate of four sombreros per season). Your task today is to try and name as many of these players as you can.

This quiz seems like it might be pretty hard so I've given you a bit more time (15 minutes!). I've also included the number of PA each player has had (since 1995) to try and help you differentiate between everyday players and ~role players. Finally, after being differentiated by their number of golden sombreros, players are listed in alphabetic order by their first name. Hopefully these extra tidbits make this quiz a little less difficult. Good luck!

*Indicates that one of the golden sombreros was actually a platinum sombrero (FIVE strikeouts in a single game).