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Lookout Landing wants you to be good and to write for us

Looking to add some Spring Training FA.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Turnover is an inevitable part of all enterprises, and Lookout Landing is no different. While I am very proud of the talent and skill level of our current staff, with the season fast approaching and with it the daily grind of recaps, game threads, trade rumors, etc. we find ourselves in need of 1-2 more skilled writers for the 2016 season.

In general since taking over last June my primary focus has been on assembling as much writing talent as I possibly can, and figuring out the fit/role later. This has, I believe, served the site well, and our writers produce phenomenal work. At this point we are looking to hire for a few specific roles:

1) Someone to handle social media, particularly making sure each and every post gets linked to Facebook, with the possibility of pursuing other ventures in that sphere down the line.

2) A strong analytical thinker with comparable writing skills to breakdown and communicate the intricacies of the game, using traditional Sabermeteric concepts and principles, while also incorporating new developments such as Statcast and Daren Willman's work for

3) A fan passionate and knowledgeable about minor league baseball as a whole, and the Mariner's farm system in particular.

A huge priority of this process is a candidate's availability. We need people willing and able to write up trade reactions at odd times of the day and week, who won't balk at writing game recaps on weekends and Friday nights, many other neglected (because they aren't super fun) assignments, etc. If your daily obligations and/or expectations will prevent you from writing nights and weekends, this is probably not the opening for you, although if the writing is strong enough I'm willing to consider an exception.

"This all sounds fine, Nathan, and exposing my personal brand to the sullying you will subject it to is a worthwhile trade off to write about my favorite team on a platform with wide reach and exposure. How do I apply?"

You can apply in one of two ways, each perfectly valid:

1) Write an email with your application, availability, past experience, writing examples, etc. to Lookout Landing 2.0 at gmail dot com.

2) Write an excellent Fanpost. Not only will I and the staff read it and discuss it, but if it's good and generates quality community discussion I will most likely front page it, and send you a follow up email to discuss your availability. You will have caught our eye, while also proving your comfort with SBN's editor, making for less work for me, which I assure you increases your chances. I like to not work.

"Hey this sounds like a lot of work, am I getting paid for any of this?"

Felix Laughing

No. At least, not at first, and even then not very much. Welcome to the Internet.

We're hoping to have the new hire in place within the next couple weeks, which may involve a few levels of questions, and some follow up requests for examples of your work. There is no steroid test.

Let's see what you got.