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Podcast: Dome and Bedlam - Episode I

We kick off a new venture in Lookout Landing, by rebooting an old one. Kind of.

When the Mariners smartly hired Colin O'Keefe away from us to work on their social media team the blog was left with many holes. One of the biggest was Colin's podcast, 22's and Tridents, which he and his brother were amazingly consistent at producing.

There's no replacing Colin, and no replacing 22's, but a site like Lookout Landing should have a podcast, and Mariner fans deserve a (hopefully) good, unaffiliated podcast to discuss the team, drink beer, and generally participate in the further debasement of the SB Nation brand. This is our trial effort at filling that void. We've decided to name it Dome and Bedlam, although I did not say that name one time on the show because I am a dummy. (Huge h/t as always to Jose Rivera for the outstanding logo.)

In today's episode I'm joined by staff writer David Skiba and Lookout Landing Editor Emeritus Scott Weber. We discuss the offseason, Scott's journey since leaving LL, compare Mike Zunino to an eager puppy dog, drink various beers, talk about the importance of organizational depth, make a few off the cuff predictions for the season, and bid you farewell.

If there are technical hiccups or audio issues you have my apologies, this is my first attempt at podcast editing and hopefully I'll get better at it as we go forward.

Podcast formats are here, hopefully. And if we've done it right it will update the RSS Feed and iTunes shortly.

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Dome and Bedlam I

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Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated. Thanks for listening.

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