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Spring Training notebook Vol. III

Quick hits from the first day of full team workouts

I feel great, too.
I feel great, too.
Fernando Alcala

The first day of full team workouts has given us glimpses at some of the new guys in camp and we're all probably feeling a bit giddy. Personally, I could watch Robbie take BP all day. Okay, a beer and some sunflower seeds would be needed, too. You get the idea. Here's what the people on the beat have reported back to us regarding the goings-on in Peoria. Thanks to them for the hustle during the bustle.

  • Bob Dutton claims that Robbie already looks markedly better in his first infield practice. This bodes well for me as I have him dubbed as my 2016 AL MVP candidate. Do not fail me:
  • Greg Johns did his roundup for the day on various notes and pieces of news from the day. We suggest you read it here. Of note in the article is that the only two pitchers yet to throw bullpens are Joaquin Benoit due to a sore lower back and Felix due to (presumably) not shaving his face. Jesus Montero and Adam Lind both got work at first base today while Chris Taylor and Ketel Marte split time at short.
  • Nori Aoki had quite the following of Japanese media to deal with today:
  • This was very nice to watch:
  • Robinson Cano gave an interview that ranged everywhere from the comments from Andy Van Slyke to his health. He claims he is "98%" healthy and in regard to Van Slyke, seemed somewhat lost that a coach who he intimates was close to him had such negative words. You can read the whole interview here.
  • Adam Lind looks really good:
  • Dae Ho Lee did not love his first media session in Peoria. Assuming that the American media style will be just another part of a large cultural adjustment for him:
  • Finally, Nelson Cruz is back. Like, really back: