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Spring Training notebook Vol. I

AKA Late winter's minutia.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It's here, friends. We have made it from lapping up meaningless drivel conjured out of our collective fever dream to lapping up largely meaningless minutia from the first few days of camp. It's a wonderful transition, and as it's currently not raining in Seattle I can almost imagine being in Phoenix to watch it myself. Here's what the boots on the ground are reporting back from Spring's first 24 hours:

  • Tai: Felix aren't you hot?

    Felix: No.

    Tai: But I'm sweating, and I'm from Yucaipa. 

    Felix: Sweat is a sign of weakness.

    Kuma: Los Angeles was weird, you guys. I tried to go out to dinner but it took 3 hours to get anywhere and whenever I tried to take a shower only sand came out of the shower head.

    Tai: Wait what's supposed to come out of there?

    Miley: Shrimp casserole, shrimp scampi, shrimp toothpaste, shrimp laundry detergent....

    Felix: ........
  • Divish's notebook has a lot of interesting tidbits this morning, and you should read all of it. Among them is that new pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre Jr. will be giving pitchers an extra day of rest between early Spring bullpens:

    "It’s a little bit different," Servais said. "It’s something that Mel wanted to run with. He’s had success in the past with it. It gives guys two days to bounce back from their bullpens and when they go into live BP (batting practice) as well. It will look a little different out there. Obviously there are less guys throwing every day. But it’s by design. He wants to run with it. He’s done it in the past."

    This is most likely something of minimal impact and importance, but reflects the Dipoto regime's willingness to try things different from the established norms. Good to see, as the established norm hasn't been working.
  • Also in the notebook is the news that Vidal Nuno is in camp to work on being a reliever, and not being considered a starter. Mike Montgomery, on the other hand, is working out as a starter "for now". With the Mariners going with the odd strategy of assembling a deep rotation Montgomery's odds of making the team as a starter are close to nil, and as he's out of options there is no way to stash him in the minors without him clearing waivers. Heed the words of Gawlowski, Mariners.
  • Divish has been killing it this morning, and he has this quote from new manager Scott Servais, and it makes me feel those tingly, misty, feelings:

    Please actually do this, team.
  • Lastly, Bob Dutton has the first video of Steve Cishek's funky ass gumby shit being plied in Northwest Green:

It's all starting, folks.