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Sporcle Friday: Mariners players with the most appearances at each position

Can you name the M's who've played in the most games at each position?

Happy baseball, everyone!

Today, after 138 days of waiting, Mariners baseball is finally back. (Kind of. Pitchers and catchers report today. The first spring training game won't be until March 2nd, but that ruins the narrative.) In order to celebrate the MOMENTOUS REAPPEARANCE of Mariners baseball, today's Sporcle quiz asks you to name some M's players who've made a bunch of appearances with Seattle. Specifically,  you need to name the three gentlemen, for each position, who've played in the most games for the Mariners (e.g., the players who've appeared in the most games, second most games, and third most games at catcher/first base/second base/etc.). This may sound easy, but don't get tooooo cocky; it might end up being a little more difficult than you anticipate.

Good luck!