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Keith Law ranks the MLB farms

Are the M's number one?

Do better, listen to him. But not about everything.
Do better, listen to him. But not about everything.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Today Keith Law published his ranking of all 30 farm systems in the MLB. It is behind the Insider paywall, and I encourage you to check it out and see what kind of good stuff is lurking there. As we all know, it feels like a long time since the Mariners produced a legitimate superstar, non-Kyle Seager division, and it's a point of emphasis under Jerry Dipoto. The Farm, no doubt needs to get better, so, since the list will be mysterious to most here who are not Insiders, let's play a game of 20 Questions.

1. Do the Seattle Mariners have the top ranked farm system in the MLB? No.

2. Do the Seattle Mariners have the worst ranked farm system in the MLB? No.

3. Do the Seattle Mariners have the worst ranked farm system in the AL West? Absolutely they do not.

4. How many players do the Seattle Mariners have in the Top 100 prospects? 1.

5. That seems low, what is that about? The top prospect in the system took a gigantic step backwards last year in Alex Jackson, however all is not lost. He's young and his ceiling may be lower than originally thought, yet he still remains one for the future.

6. Who has the top ranked farm system by Keith Law? The Atlanta Braves, a team that was in the bottom five just two years ago. That should bring a ray of hope to very sad Mariners fans.

7. Which is the top ranked team in the AL West? The Texas Rangers, who land five players on the Top 100 prospects list.

8. Where do the other teams in the AL West fall? Well, my word you certainly want to know a lot about the AL West and it is no wonder why. The Astros come in at number 17 on the list, with four players in the Top 100, and the Athletics just behind them at 18, with two players in the 100.

9. So why does Keith Law have the Mariners below all those teams? He was unimpressed by the 2015 draft, which is not an opinion he alone holds. A draft that was heavy in acquiring right-handed pitching left many scratching their heads for a system so devoid of positional talent.

10. You have yet to mention the Angels. Where do they fall on the list? Dead last.

11. Where did Keith have the M's ranked last year? Last year the Mariners entered the list at 21st, not necessarily where you'd want to be but also not dire. Keep in mind, however, that the 21st ranked farm in the MLB last year produced a SS in Ketel Marte who may be a true major leaguer at a premium position.

12. So did the Mariners get a worse ranking this year than their previous year? Mhmmm.

13. Gelato or ice cream? Is this a serious question? Gelato and it isn't even close.

14. Are the Seattle Mariners ranked 29th? No. However, I will give up the game here and spoil the surprise. Law has them sitting at 28, which is honestly pretty fair. There's a few tire fires looking around the high minors and nobody who was in the system last year is really knocking down the door.

15. Can you give us some hope? Sure. Boog Powell has a chance to be a contributor this year, and technically Shawn O'Malley is sorta kinda a farm guy that has a roster spot to earn.

16. David, I mean like actual hope. It's all a few years off. In all truth, Everett had some extremely exciting players last year but this year will tell us a lot more about their quality. Drew Jackson and Braden Bishop are definitely both names to keep tabs on.

17. What other standout farms do you see? Well, it's a bad time to be a Marlins fan. Which, I know, seems strange. Their system's top prospect is probably a reliever and they land at 29 on the list. On the flip side of the coin, the Dodgers and Twins both land seven players on the Top 100 list, with the Cubs landing six.

18. What farm does Keith seeing having the biggest leap forwards? The Phillies' move from 25th to 6th is not by accident, nor the Rays jump from 23rd to 14th.

19. So, what farms are regressing? The Mets drop from a top 5 farm to 16th is remarkable. So is the Astros drop to 17th, but that is mostly due to graduation. The ChiSox lost a lot of heft in their trade for Todd Frazier (dropping them to 22nd). The Diamondbacks should also be mentioned as a team regressing.

20. Do you have anything else you'd like to say? goms.