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MaiLLbag Time

It’s the most trading-ful time of the year!

Chris Sale is now a Red Sock. Mark Melancon is now a Giant. And Jerry Dipoto hasn’t made a move in three days (!!!).

Despite all of these surprises in the Baseball World, there is one thing that never changes: Lookout Landing wants to hear from you, in our oh-so-cleverly-named MaiLLbag. You know the drill: Submit your questions in comments below, or on Twitter/Facebook (#maiLLbag), and we’ll do our best to get back to you.

And please keep in mind: if your question wasn’t answered in previous MaiLLbags, it’s still floating around and it could easily be answered this week or in the future. Never give up! Never surrender! (Yes, that’s a Galaxy Quest reference. Yes, it was an incredible movie. Good luck finding a power hitter as powerful as the Omega-13 weapon, Jerry.)