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Sporcle Friday: Mariners longest home runs

Can you name the Mariners hitters who’ve mashed the 50 longest home runs over the past decade?

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Happy Friday and happy holidays, y’all. I wanted today’s quiz to be extra fun to try and match the festive mood of the season... and what could be more fun than DINGERS? Your task today is to try and recall a bunch of players who hit super long moonshots while wearing a Mariners uniform. Specifically, which M’s have been responsible for blasting the 50 longest taters over the past 10 years.

For the distance values, I used the “True Distance”, as calculated over at ESPN’s home run tracker (link!). It’s a pretty fun little site; after you’re done with this quiz (not before, cheaters), I encourage you to go over there and click around a bit if you’ve never done so before.

In today’s quiz, there are actually 53 entries because four long balls were tied for 50th longest (440 feet!). Although one player is responsible for about a quarter of the bombs on this list, 25 different hitters have smacked a baseball at least 440 feet over the past 10 years. The M’s have had quite a few muscly mashers suit up for them since 2007 (thanks, Jack Z).

Good luck. Have fun. Enjoy your weekends/holiday festivities/friends/families.

And goms.

Direct link to the quiz.