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The MaiLLbag: HoLLiday Edition

Your time to shine.

I'm currently writing this from a Metro-North train to New York, part of my traveling odyssey that has me (in the name of cheap flights) heading from Newark to Seattle via Houston.

But it's all part of heading back home for the holidays, to spend time with family and friends and, oh yeah, work a bit as well. This whole not-being-a-student-anymore thing is tricky sometimes.

Even that, however, won't stop me from posting this MaiLLbag call for questions, and it certainly won't stop me (or the rest of the staff) from answering your questions. Whether holiday-related or more focused on that whole baseball thing, let's hear it.

You know the drill: Post your questions in the comment section below, and we'll do our best to answer them for the weekend.