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The 2016-17 Lookout Landing HoLLiday Party

Tis the season for adult beverages and snacks and celebrating together.

It's time to Kid n’ Play
José Rivera

2016 has been quite a year here at Lookout Landing. We have added many new faces and bid farewell (unless you are on Twitter) to many beloved members of this community. The Mariners produced one of the most entertaining teams in franchise history, and being able to enjoy that experience with y'all has been an utter delight. In this long, dark, baseball drought, it feels important we continue to celebrate together, because so much good comes of my life from this place, and I cannot imagine being here in Seattle without it.

Last year, Lookout Landing hosted a holiday party at a local bar (not to be confused with A Local Brewery) and though I was not in the country, by all accounts it was a lovely time. This year, we will have a different venue, but plenty of refreshment options nonetheless, and look forward to having a similarly lovely evening.

The LL HoLLiday Party will be held on Friday, January 6th, starting at 6:30 PM. It will be at A Place, Thieves.

It is in Queen Anne, roughly five blocks north of Seattle Center.

José Rivera

As you might have guessed from José’s majestic work above, the party will be held in a house, and not a bar. It is, more specifically, my house, and the house that I will be living in for at least a couple more months until the spring, upon which the interior will be completely demolished. The house is in Queen Anne, and features a lovely view of the city, and it would be my absolute pleasure to share this fleeting moment of luxury in my life with y'all. As long as you don't break any windows or steal anything too valuable, you will have been wonderful guests. It is a peculiar residence, but I am certain it is spacious enough that claustrophobia will not be an issue, regardless of the attendance level. Additionally, while this is technically a holiday party, rest assured, there will be no religious undertones to adhere to. Dress casually, dress fancily, just please, be at least relatively dressed.

I encourage you to BYOB, BYOW, BYOL, etc., as well as any snacks you’d like. Feel free to bring spouses or significant others, but children would be inadvisable. We will have drinks, snacks, music, games, and potentially some Mariners-related prizes. We will have more details in the next couple weeks, including the specific address.

If you are interested and available, please RSVP in the comments so that we can have a good general headcount. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below, or contact me directly via Twitter or email, OR the main Lookout Landing account.

I hope to see many of you there, I’m looking forward to it already. Until then, have a wonderful holiday season, and Go M’s.