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Sporcle Friday: Mariners single-season BABIP leaders

Can you name all of the M's hitters who had a single-season BABIP >.325 (min 400 PA)?

Low. Ride. Er. Is a little higher.
Low. Ride. Er. Is a little higher.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners recently traded for shortstop/second baseman Jean Segura who was VERY GOOD for the Diamondbacks in 2016. Segura led the NL in hits, posted a wRC+ of 126, played steady infield defense, and compiled a big ol' fWAR of 5.0. It was a very complete season. UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of his offensive production last season was fueled by a very high BABIP of .353. For comparison, Segura's career-average BABIP coming into last season was .301. For additional perspective, a BABIP of .353 would've rated as the 10th highest single-season BABIP in Mariners franchise history...

Wait a second. This sounds like the opportunity for a Sporcle quiz!

Today, you're tasked with recalling every M's hitter (min 400 PA) who recorded a single-season BABIP above .325. (Over the past 40 seasons the MLB-average BABIP has fluctuated between .280 and .300; a BABIP of .325 is well above average.) This has been accomplished 44 times in franchise history by 22 different players. Two players, both of whom you should all get, are responsible for 19(!) of these seasons. I don't believe it should prove to be too difficult to do well on this quiz. Good luck! And go M's.

Direct link, if you need it.