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Lookout Landing’s Hall of Fame Ballot

Rock the vote for Edgar

World Series:  Red Sox v Cardinals Game 3
time for Edgar to get some more hardware
Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

These past few weeks have been full of spirited debate about the upcoming Hall of Fame vote, ranging from nuanced discussion to what can only be described as advanced ding-dongery. Here is your chance to make your HOF choices known. We’ll collect all the responses (so yes, you do need to use an e-mail address to participate), aggregate them, and post the results here. Voting will be open until the 23rd, so you have just about a week to get your picks in.

In the process of researching the Edgar HOF series, I have some pretty firm ideas about what my ballot would look like; if you’re looking for a good primer on whose name might deserve to be checked along with Edgar’s, check out this article about how he stacks up to the other candidates. You might also find this list on Baseball-reference a useful resource. Feel free to leave your choices in the comments, as well. Happy voting!