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#EdgarHOF - Day 40

Manny Acta on Edgar

Good morning! Today for your Edgar enjoyment, a little bit of a more modern take. Friend of the site/official LL Dominican correspondent Arving Gonzalez continued his series of interviews with Mariners luminaries, interviewing Manny Acta about his tenure as VP/Manager of the Águilas Cibaenas. Manny covers the Mariners playing for the Águilas, his experience in managing the Águilas, his take on the Segura trade, and wraps up with talking about Edgar’s HOF campaign. My favorite quote: “When you have an award named after you, you would think you belong in the Hall of Fame.”

The interview is in English, so no translation necessary. Just press play and enjoy!

Voting tally update: The wonderful Ryan Thibodaux, who keeps track of these things, added five new ballots to his tracker yesterday. Kevin Cooney was one who didn’t vote for Edgar, but says if he had two extra slots, he would have voted for Edgar and Pudge. Those two slots are currently being occupied by Bonds and Schilling. Put them in already, voters, and de-clog the ballot!

The good news is Edgar has gained five votes and lost none. It’s still early yet, and Ryan has noted that his early projection of 450 ballots cast probably overshot by maybe 20, meaning he must re-adjust his projections, so that’s something to keep an eye on. You can access the tracker here if you’re interested. But there’s still time, and it seems that even if he doesn’t make it this year (he won’t), Edgar might take a large enough step forward to put himself in a good position for the upcoming year. And even if he won’t campaign for himself, maybe his good friend Manny will.