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Mariners Moose Tracks, 11/7/16: Felix's Safari Adventure, Rizzo Twerks, and Squirrel Stops Football

Some exciting things happened this weekend. Time even went backwards! Here's what you may have missed.

Clean-shaven Ackley will never not to weird to me
Clean-shaven Ackley will never not to weird to me
Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

Well it only took Jerry Dipoto four days after the World Series to shake things up. If you somehow missed it, the Mariners reportedly acquired catcher Carlos Ruiz in a trade with the Dodgers. Hopefully Dipoto doesn't hit us with a ton of trades in a small window of time again, because I like having at least a few days to collect my thoughts on one deal before moving onto the next one. Plus, getting everything done in December makes for some boring Januarys for the rest of us. But that's just me being selfish.

Regardless, the move signals the beginning of what will likely be a fun ride heading into New Years. Buckle up folks.

In case you missed us this weekend...

  • The Lookout Landing staff voted on who we think should claim the end of the season accolades. You can find my lonely first place vote for Terry Collins near the bottom of the article.
  • Kate continued her #EdgarHOF series by digging up a video of Edgar talking Hall of Fame voting and some things that voters should consider.
  • Ethan took a look at Dean Kiekhefer, the M's newest pitching acquision.

In other M's news...

  • Bobby DeMuro got some opinions of Bakersfield Blaze players on the M's new approach to prospect development.
  • Some of Boog Powell's teammates gave their thoughts on the fight that broke out between Powell and another player on his team. They say all tensions have been resolved between the two players.
  • The King himself got to interact with lions on his vacation (or as he calls them, the "king of kings").

    Rey de reyes ... #Safari #Sudáfrica #vacaciones #2016

    A video posted by Felix Hernandez (@therealkingfelix34) on

Around the League...

  • The Rockies are reportedly set to hire Bud Black as the team's new manager.
  • The Indians have hired two assistant general managers to take the place of the recently departed Derek Falvey.
  • The Cubs made an appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, showing off some of their dance moves. Feel free to watch all of it, but the Cubs players hop in at the 4-minute mark (disclaimer: content is probably not safe for work).

  • Pinstripe Alley wonders whether the Yankees should re-sign Dustin Ackley.

Anders' picks for the day...

  • Star Wars released a new TV trailer for Rogue One. I hope you're all as excited for the movie as I am.

  • A very overwhelmed squirrel apparently didn't realize Lambeau Field was occupied.