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Mariners Moose Tracks, 11/4/16: Cubs Still Partying, #4MOM, and Stacey’s Mom

The column formerly known as Lookout Linkage

Cubs Fans Leave Messages For The World Series Champion Team On Wrigley Field Walls
WE DID NOT SUCK with Maddon glasses for President, imo
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Happy Friday, for those of you with the M-F work week! I am not Anders and this is not Lookout Linkage, but it basically is. (I’m still not ‘Ders, though. My hair wishes it was that golden and curly.) From now on, there will be a daily post in this space, at this time, catching you up on what happened the day before in the world of Mariners baseball, as well as baseball baseball, as well as anything else we think might be of interest to you, the discerning public with fine taste in everything except baseball teams. Think of it as a place to enjoy your morning beverage of choice and fortify you in the day’s mission of being better/smarter/more aware than your coworkers (those jerks!) or your children (even bigger jerks! But very easily defeated in quizzes on world events). Anders will continue to write about half of these columns, and the rest will be covered by a rotating cast of staffers or whomever else I can trick into doing them.

On to the sweet, sweet linkage!

In Mariners News:

  • After warming up with an amuse-bouche of crushing Steve Baron’s dreams of being the Mariners’ Opening Day starting catcher, Dipoto dove right into some meatier transactions, picking up Seth Smith’s option while encouraging Aoki and Iannetta to start seeing other people. Nate Karns was also activated off the disabled list.
  • In case you missed it, José made this extremely moving tribute to the extremely moving outfield phenomenon known as Norichika Aoki. Farewell, odd one.
  • If you missed it in the foofaraw of our own LL roster moves yesterday, Jake put together this handy list of important dates that you can write on your calendar at work and stare at longingly through the off-season.
  • On the heels of Zach’s article looking at the FA catcher class, over at Prospect Insider, Luke Arkins examines the case for the Mariners upgrading at catcher.

World Series News:

  • Just leave Bartman alone already, sheesh. Although I respect his stance on choosing not to go to the parade.
  • This story about the Cubs fan listening to the game at his father’s grave makes me weep in whatever form I see it in, but this version, from his home state newspaper, is especially moving.
  • All those things you’ve heard about how nice Ben Zobrist is are true:

Around the League:

  • The Angels acquired Cameron Maybin from the Tigers in exchange for RHP Victor Alcantara, an AA prospect who is described as “high upside, high risk.” The Angels will pick up Maybin’s $9 million option because they keep wheeling money out the gates of Disneyland and no one has noticed yet.
  • Fellow SB Nation site Beyond the Box Score also had a changing of the guard recently, but not before editor Neil Weinberg left this powerful open letter about the gift of dissent:

Not every new idea is going to be right, but a person who seeks counsel only from those who think as they do is a person who isn't going to grow. Part of that means listening to ideas from people who think differently, but it also means soliciting ideas from people with different backgrounds, educations, and expertise. You can't be a passive actor if you're going to be a leader. The best people will not simply rise to the top. New ideas won't walk through the door if you don't encourage dissent and confrontation.

In Other Mariners News:

Ex-Mariner Mike Montgomery’s pitch to end Game Seven the other night didn’t just send Cubs fans (and one particular baseball blogger) into transports of delight. It was historically significant:

  • Félix and family are headed off on their first vacation of the off-season, to South Africa! If you follow Sandra on Instagram (which you should, if only to live vicariously through Seattle’s Royal Family), her story currently features everyone in the family sleeping on the plane—and Félix in the background, hunched over an iPad, studying something intently. Happy travels and stay safe, Hernández family!
  • Some of you might know about Mariners prospect Braden Bishop’s #4MOM initiative. Bishop’s mother, Suzy, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2014, when Braden was still a student at UW. Now Suzy, a former film producer, is making one last film—a documentary of her experiences with the disease. They’ve set up a GoFundMe to fund the documentary. Please check out the page—which features Braden’s role in encouraging his mom to break her silence—and consider sharing it or donating.

Some Fun Friday Feels:

I am going full mom here an embarrassing our own sweet Anders, who sings in an acapella group (called the Hofbeats!) and they’re pretty good! They might be going to divisionals! Or regionals! Or whatever it is! Anyway, here’s them doing a pretty mean cover of the Fountains of Wayne song “Stacey’s Mom.” Feel free to sing along:

(That’s ‘Ders, third from the right, with the blond halo of curls and some pretty sweet air drumming moves.)

Mariners GIF of the day:

Jose Rivera

In honor of three months to pitchers and catchers, get you a man who can do both.