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Sporcle Friday: Mariners postseason strikeout leaders

Can you name all 25 Mariners pitchers who have recorded a strikeout in the postseason?

You're my favorite deputy!
You're my favorite deputy!
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The 2016 MLB season is officially in the books, and the hot stove season has already started to catch fire. What will Jerry do next?! Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to make a Sporcle that focuses on future events. Therefore, we're forced to dwell on the past. As such, similar to the most recent LL Sporcle, today's quiz asks you to recall some of Seattle's postseason leaders. Specifically, you are tasked with naming the 25 pitchers who have recorded a strikeout in a postseason game for the M's. This will likely be significantly harder than the recent quiz asking about playoff dingers. (There was one player on here who I have absolutely no memory of.) How fun.

Good luck, y'all. And goms.

Once again, here's a direct link to the quiz. Just in case.