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Edgar Martinez deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Let’s make this year the year he goes in.

Seattle Mariners
some gold things do stay

When the Hall of Fame voters open their ballots this month, Edgar Martinez will appear on them for the eighth time. This means he has two more chances, after this year, to reach the 75% threshold required for admission. Last year, Gar climbed all the way up to 43.4%, almost ten points higher than his previous high of 36.5% in 2012, his second year on the ballot. It’s still a long, uphill climb for #11, but he’s faced worse adversity in his career. Also, he has his buddies here at Lookout Landing to help advance his case. So, in support of Edgar’s candidacy, every day we at Lookout will post one little Edgar nugget, a little tribute to the BBWAA gods. If nothing else, consider it a celebration of one of the greatest hitters Seattle has ever seen.

So to kick things off, let’s appreciate the fact that Edgar spent his entire 18-year career with the Mariners, the only player with a 10-year+ career to do so. In fact, there have only been 168 players total to spend their entire careers with one team (minimum of ten years), something that’s become more and more rare since the advent of free agency in 1975. It’s entirely possible he will be the only player who reaches this threshold for the Mariners, as today’s players are playing for more teams than ever before. But there’s just something a little extra special about only ever seeing Clemente in gold-and-black or Mariano Rivera in pinstripes, just like it’s impossible to think of the Padres without Tony Gwynn, or the Cubs without Ernie Banks. It’s reassuring to know that if he does ever get into the Hall, there will be no debate as to what hat he’ll wear. Edgar was ours—ours to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, forever and for always a Mariner. Stay royal blue and gold, Edgar boy.