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A Time For Every Purpose

Now for a little new-time religion

Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners
David if I have to tell you one more time about leaving your self-indulgent meta-poetry all over the floor

Fall in baseball is a time of many emotions. One team ends their year in great joy, several in great sorrow, but most in the simple melancholy that accompanies times of transition. There is always the promise of waiting for the next Fall. There is another promise, as well: change. Rosters change, coaches change, front offices change; change comes to the tertiary worlds of baseball, as well, like the tiny corner of the internet known as Lookout Landing. Continuing this theme, it is time we announced another change of the roster: we, Kate and David, will be co-managing Lookout Landing.

Lookout Landing is something that is, and has always been, bigger than the sum of its parts, mostly because those parts have represented the very best of what it means to be a Mariners fan. The incredible leadership of Jeff, Jon, Scott, and Nathan; the amazing and diverse collection of writers whose names have appeared on the masthead; the active and engaged community--all these things have come together to make Lookout Landing an integral part of our collective Mariner fandom. It is here many of us have to have our communion. To share in sorrow and in joy. To share baseball.

Our vision for the site is that mostly you should notice no real change. We are so blessed to inherit a staff of incredibly talented folks who are willing to give the few hours of their free time to providing you with insight and news about the Seattle Mariners and the beautiful sport of baseball. You should know that they have all, amazingly, decided to stay with us as we saddle our horses and start the long ride through the off-season. We are so thankful to Ethan, John, Jake, Anders, Isabelle, Zach, Andrew, Grant, Peter, Scott and Matt for their contributions to the site up to this point and going forward. We are also grateful to you, the readers and fanposters and commenters, who keep this site the lively public forum that it is. We hope to continue to make Lookout Landing a place that has something for everyone: news, analysis, shortform, longform, and everything in between.

Running this site is a daunting task, and doing so in Nathan’s stead even more so. In fact, as the philosopher says, it takes two to make a thing go right. It also takes a little more time, as decision-making is now more of a coordinated effort, but we feel the benefit of this model outweighs any challenges that time and space may provide. (Also, you’ll have the fun of guessing whose day it is to tweet from the account.) Together, we hope to keep Lookout Landing in its own, peculiar, idiosyncratic way while also increasing the breadth of our coverage and diversity of mediums in which we tell stories about the Mariners. If you’re new here, welcome! We’re excited to start this journey with you. If you’re an old hand, welcome to the newest version of LL. We wouldn’t, any of us, be here without you.

And hey, 2017 might have some other surprises in store:

So, for the first time in the buildup to what could be a really fun ride: