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MaiLLbag, Episode II: The Front Office Strikes Back

Jerry just wanted to make sure we’d have some topics to talk about.

Oh, not much to talk about? Jerry laughs in our faces.

With the Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire later this week, rumors have been swirling that this has dulled the free agency market as well as any trades, as teams are waiting to see the finalized CBA before committing big chunks of change long-term.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Northwest, Jerry Dipoto laughs at such conventional “wisdom.”

In the seven days since we debuted the MaiLLbag, Jerry has made a pair of trades, both involving Jack Z first-round picks. He’s talked with the media a couple of times. Moves are being made, and the Mariners are right in the thick of things.

And of course, that’s even before we get to the major Yoenis Cespedes signing from earlier today, which dampens the Skiba/Isabelle dream of #AllCubanOutfield.

So, in this trying time, we at Lookout Landing are here for you. Send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of questions in the comments below (or on Twitter/Facebook because we #love to #connect with out social media #brands). Our first maiLLbag was a rousing success - though we’re pretty biased - and we’d love to make the second edition even better.