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Lookout Landing gives thanks

Enjoy the dinner conversation, everyone

Come in here for the real thing, friend
Come in here for the real thing, friend
Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

It is so easy in the depths of November to forget that, eventually, Baseball shall return. One finds their mind wandering to other pursuits. We weave baskets, light candles, make our idle hands to do base work in order to cure the insatiable itch that Baseball has left us for many weeks. It is in these dark and difficult times that one imagines trading away the entire roster just for some excitement. Maybe Kyle could fetch a pretty penny in Atlanta. Mayhaps Nelson Cruz would wear the hell out of Twins jersey. You said it, not me.

In the spirit of making useful ourselves during the darkest days of the year, we are reminded that it is the season of giving thanks. Later tonight, many of us will have the distinct pleasure of eating too much, yelling about politics, and watching three mediocre football games. It is important the we remember the purpose of the day, which is the giving of thanks, and us here at Lookout Landing have not forgotten the aims of the day.

I would like to give thanks for Safeco Field and the coming summer. For beer that is too expensive in a stadium that is worth the price. I would like to give thanks for Kyle Seager and the Seattle Mariners farm system which despite its incredible past flaws, somehow managed to produce him. I would like to give thanks to Nelson Cruz for being my platonic ideal of a batsman. I would like to give thanks to Robinson Cano for being cooler than the other side of the pillow. For Ariel Miranda for maybe being good this is a weird sentence. To Shawn O'Malley for being. To Jerry Dipoto for prudence and never overextending himself. Also, his hair. I would like to give thanks for Felix Hernandez.

I would like to give thanks to you, finally, for reading and cheering along with us.

Zach Sanders

I am thankful for our lord and savior Jerry Dipoto. In the past year-plus, we've seen him oust Lloyd McClendon, turn relievers into solid everyday pieces, and re-invigerate the once depressing farm system. He'll make some mistakes, but he's brought the ability to balance winning now and keeping an eye on the future, a key ability with an aging core. Bless you, Trader Jerry, for returning sanity to a once not unproud organization.

Grant Bronsdon

What am I thankful for? I'm thankful for getting to watch Leonys Martin glide toward fly balls in center. I'm thankful for the swag in every Robinson Canó swing. I'm thankful for the fire of Félix Hernández, the old-school hot corner defense of Kyle Seager, the magical moments from Seth Smith and Taijuan Walker and Edwin Diaz...the list goes on and on.

But mostly, I'm thankful for my family, both those in Seattle and those here at Lookout Landing. I've loved writing for this site in 2016, I've loved working with an incredible staff here, and I love having this community to constantly discuss, debate, and dearly enjoy the Mariners with. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

John Trupin

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Every year of my life I have been thankful and fortunate enough to have a day with my family and those I love where we have played football, gotten near hypothermia and covered in mud, and returned home for hot showers and a day of cooking and drinking and laughing together. This year I feel thankful for the added joy of being a part of this community, where people have made me feel at home in the city I was raised in again. I'm thankful for this staff who make otherwise monotonous days entertaining and educational, and push me to be better. The Mariners brought me so much more joyous moments this year than heartbreak, which is not something I can remember too often, but I will simply focus on one.

Nelson Cruz's game-tying home run in the bottom of the 7th in game 161. He hit it with one dang arm. It doesn't matter that the M's ended up losing, and turns out wouldn't have made it anyways even if they'd won out. It didn't matter. Nelson Cruz saved the season, and watching him roar and pump his fist like Kirk Gibson, you could tell he knew it. He cared. The whole team cared. I am thankful for a team to follow and love that is passionate and truly gives a damn. Maybe not the same way that you or I care, or your kids or parents care, but they play with passion and emotion and make it feel just a little bit realer than just rooting for laundry and a collection of numbers. That's enough for me. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. Go M's.

Isabelle Minasian

You’d be stuck reading this and subsequently ignoring your family all day if I were to list everything I’m grateful for this year, so instead here are the top hits. The "Now That’s What I’m Thankful For: Baseball Edition," if you will. I’m thankful for Leonys Martin and his walk-off homerun against the A’s. I’m thankful for cotton candy and the tiny, plastic cups of wine at Safeco Field, and for the garlic fries that help to counter the aforementioned combination (I am also thankful I miraculously do not have diabetes and/or cavities). I’m thankful for all the humans, and robots, on this staff, and I’m thankful for you, the human, or robot, who has willingly read the words I’ve strung together in this small but glorious corner of the internet.

Kate Preusser

This year in baseball, I am thankful for all the games I got to attend, and all the moments I witnessed there. I recognize I am incredibly privileged to have Safeco a bus ride away, and even more privileged to have friends who have invited me as their guests so we could experience the game together. In the long, cold offseason, I am warmed by the memory of watching Leonys's game saving catch against the Royals with Tiffany (rockedfaces), and again when Leonys hit the walkoff against the White Sox, the same game where friends from this community propped me up when news of the Montgomery trade went down (sorry for the cursing). I will remember standing in the 'Pen with some of you waiting out the fifteen-inning game against Detroit, and how drunk with happiness we all were after. Freeman's catch and Canó sacrificing Heredia home in extra innings against the Jays. Watching Paxton fit Trout with a golden sombrero. Heckling Adam Lind only to watch him bash a home run more times than I can count. This was a season of so much joyful baseball, and that joy was deepened and magnified by being able to share it with some of you. Let's do it all again next year.

That's all, folks. A very happy, warm, and safe Thanksgiving to you and yours.