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Mariners Moose Tracks, 11/23/16: Wilhelmsen released, Jason Castro to the Twins, and a $20,000 beer

Fun Fact: Casey Kotchman posted a -1.7 WAR in 2010

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Things have been relatively quiet this week for the Mariners, but usually that just means we’re five minutes away from Dipoto pulling off ten or twelve moves in a fifteen minute span.

Anyway, here are some tumbleweeds from the past 24 hours:

In Mariner Land...

  • Tom Wilhelmsen has been released by the Mariners. Wilhelmsen struggled with the Mariners last year, posting a 4.65 xFIP and -0.2 fWAR over 25.0 innings. Dipoto hasn’t completely closed the book on Wilhelmsen being a member of the 2017 Mariners, but he’ll hardly be a priority moving forward.
  • Nick Stellini sent some love Kyle Seager’s way over at FanGraphs.
  • Chef Jeremy wants to show you how to make a King’s Court turkey leg for Thanksgiving.

In other news...

Bonus Picks of the day...

  • Play this. Feel it. Run to it. Drive to it. Do nothing to it.
  • There is a rare craft beer that costs $20,000 and comes in a squirrel. Time to prove how big of a beer lover you are.