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Announcing the Offseason MaiLLbag

A chance for you to ask us questions and for us to pretend like we know what we’re talking about.

Hello, LL faithful!

With the departure of our one-time fearless leader Nathan Bishop, the LL Podcast (Dome and Bedlam) has been thrown into question for the immediate future. But we, the undersigned members of the LL staff, would never leave you without a chance to engage with us and talk about the Mariners.

To that extent, we’re debuting something BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW: the MaiLLbag.

Here’s how this MaiLLbag thing is going to work. Leave a comment below (or on Twitter, or on Facebook) with a question that you have for the LL staff, and we’ll pick the best ones to answer in a post later this week, and every week.

They can be about anything - what should the Mariners do with their rotation? What is the future of Mike Zunino? What right fielder should the M’s trade for and why is it Yasiel Puig? Any beer recommendations from a nearby brewery that does not have a nautical vessel?

Whatever it may be, we’re excited to hear from you, to answer some of your thoughts, and to spark even more questions. We certainly don’t have all of the answers, but we sure want to get there, if we can.

LLet’s get started, foLLks.