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#EdgarHOF - Day 15


Edgar Martinez #11
thinkin bout dem dingers

Happy Friday again! Today we are throwing it back to October 7, 1995: Game 4 of the ALDS. The Mariners were down to the Yankees, 2-1, and looking to tie up the series. Chris Bosio had a rough outing, however, only going two innings and giving up five runs. In the bottom of the third, though, the Mariners started to get something together. Joey Cora hit a bunt single, and then Griffey punched the ball into right. Next up was Edgar. After a first pitch strike, Scott Kamieniecki decided to challenge Gar with a fastball up and in, and Edgar sent the ball to the seats. Look at how far this pitch comes in, and how Edgar just yanks it into next February.

Take a moment just to appreciate how beautiful the follow-through is on that swing. He is a violinist pulling his bow across the strings.

It’s important to note this wasn’t a bad pitch; Reggie Jackson, Mr. October himself, raved about Edgar’s approach to it in a 1995 NYT article:

"I do not understand how he hit that home run. That was a good pitch, inside. Most hitters, even power hitters, would hook that ball foul into the left-field stands, but Edgar is so strong, he has such a great stroke, that he just fought it off."

What I love about this the most, though, when you watch the full tape, is the Edddd—garrr chants immediately transforming into a simultaneous joyous uplift as the crowd sees the ball come off the bat. It’s a call that becomes a roar, and it’s instant and beautiful and transcendent and it absolutely captures the feeling of watching Edgar Martinez play baseball.

Edgar forever.