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Mariners Moose Tracks 11/17/16: Cy Young Winners, Vin Scully Honored, and the SuperSonics

Awards have got everyone buzzing. While no Mariners are involved in any of the discussions, a lot of them have been interesting to watch from the sidelines.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone! Cy Young Awards were released yesterday, with a good deal of controversy coming with each one.

The interesting thing with the Cy Young Awards this year is that the American League and National League were very similar races. Both lacked an obvious pick for the award. Each league had as many as six or seven players who could have reasonably won the honor.

So it’s only natural that when the awards were announced yesterday, there was a good deal of disagreement online. Let’s take a look at what happened there, as well as some other news for the day.

In Mariners News...

  • The Mariners are still looking into Zack Cozart as an option at shortstop for 2017. At this point, one would hope the price would be cheaper than the reported price in July (Luiz Gohara).
  • Greg Johns looks at some possible moves Jerry Dipoto could make for the remainder of the offseason.

Around baseball...

  • President Obama has awarded Vin Scully with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is a super cool honor!
  • Max Scherzer was named the NL Cy Young Award winner.
  • In a pick that made a lot of waves in baseball, Rick Porcello garnered the AL Cy Young Award honors.
  • Kate Upton has takes about Justin Verlander being snubbed from the Cy Young Award:
  • Camden Chat wonders who the Orioles could go after this offseason that might offer a lot of bang for the team’s buck.
  • The Astros kicked off their offseason moves by signing starter Charlie Morton to a multi-year deal.
  • Houston has also reportedly hired Alex Cora as the team’s new bench coach.
  • Meanwhile, the Rockies have hired Seattle native Mike Redmond as bench coach in what is shaping up to be a very strong coaching staff in Colorado.

Anders’ picks for the day...

  • Russell Wilson has joined the team to help bring back the Sonics.
  • This is a somewhat older article, but one of the most interesting ones to me. Why the oldest person in the world changes hands at a more frequent rate than it used to.
  • These videos of Hilary Duff and Raven Symone doing promo reads for Disney Channel have been going viral, just because they’re so uncomfortable.