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The Fourth Outfielders Club

All of these things are just like the others

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Minnesota Twins
And we all sound like this. And we all sound like this.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Question: What do Ben Gamel, Seth Smith, Guillermo Heredia, and the bat of Leonys Martin have in common?

No, they are not a new boyband topping the charts and your hearts. They are all slated to be playing the outfield for your Seattle Mariners in 2017. It goes a little deeper than that as these gentlemen all arguably could be the fourth outfielder on any contending team if 2016 performances were any indication.

That’s right, your boy learned about recently, and I have something to show you that might not shock you, well informed dear reader, but I’ll assure you it twirled the propeller on my beanie in the worst possible way.

Please note that I went ahead and included Aoki, Damn Daniel Robertson, Shawn O’Malley, Franklin Gutierrez, and Prince of Peoria Stefen Romero to this stat pile as well. Basically, this is what the outfield did without the help of Nelson Cruz.

This is not good, this is bad. Not only are your boys under the league averages in a lot of the bigger hitting stats, they were dramatically below the league averages. With Dipoto hinting that Nelson Cruz’s days in the outfield are very numbered, there has to be some production coming from one if not two of your every day guys. Danny Valencia is going to help, but it looks like he’ll be playing a lot more first base than right field.

Now as my business consultant and best friend Zach Sanders has gone over options, and my true best friend David Skiba mentioned today, the Mariners need an outfielder. Next to a competent shortstop, an outfielder that can hit might be the biggest thing on their wishlist this year. When you turn 40, good gifts are few and far between, but I hope they get more this year than just some measly patch.