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2016 Seattle Mariners Top Plays

Because a little more nostalgia is never remiss

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the season the Mariners’ social media accounts shared top plays of the week, along with the low-grade pun #DidYouSeaThat. Some weeks it was a fun way to look back on the games, other times it felt like a stretch to find any sort of bright spots amidst some dismal baseball (here’s looking at you, the entire month of June). Yesterday they announced a bracket of the top twenty-four plays of the 2017 season and the preliminary round has already commenced to determine the ultimate Top Play of 2017. I highly encourage you all to go vote because, as everyone has guessed, LL operates under a secret partnership with the Mariners front office and, due to this illicit relationship, Jerry has agreed to acquire Mike Trout if voter turnout is high enough. So make sure to get out and vote, vote, vote!

The fun part of this little offseason endeavor is that even with a bracket of twenty-four, there are still great moments that have been missed. Adam Lind and Leonys Martin both had two walk-offs, but only one of each is featured in the bracket, and Robinson Cano’s season could be a bracket of top plays in and of itself. Though it ultimately ended in disappointment, this is a great reminder of just how exciting this season was.

**Maybe not a top play, but for most joyful moment Guillermo Heredia's first major league hit is absolutely top 5

Now, what’s my vote, for the Top Play of 2017? Well hey, thanks for asking, people so rarely take an interest in the opinions of others nowadays. I have to stick with my favorite moment of the season: Leonys Martin’s two out, two strike walk-off home run on a Tuesday night against the A’s. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps all over again. And now, since it’s polite to ask a question in return, what was your Top Play of 2017? Did it make the bracket, or was it left off entirely? This offseason is long, and a little extra reminiscing won’t kill us.