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Sporcle Friday: Mariners left-handed relievers

53 lefties have pitched at least 10 innings in relief for the M's. How many of them can you name?

As you've likely read/heard, the Mariners would very much like to add more left-handed pitching to their bullpen. This makes a ton of sense because David Rollins, Pat Venditte, and Dean Kiekhefer are the only three relievers currently on the M's 40-man roster who are capable of throwing pitches with their left arms. Going into the season with those guys as the only southpaw relievers would be... suboptimal. Fortunately, it was recently reported that the Mariners have expressed interest in procuring the services of Mr. Brett Cecil. He is good, so that would be cool. Do it, Jerry.

To keep things relevant to hot stove happenings, today's Sporcle asks you to name all 53 lefties who have pitched at least 10 innings in relief for the M's*. How many of these southpaws can you recall? I don't imagine that this quiz will be very easy**, but please try your best!

Good luck and goms.

DIRECT QUIZ LINK (just in case)

*Only players who made at least 80% of their appearances in relief are included in this list.

**If you think this quiz is too hard be sure to go harass Zach. It was mostly his idea, the jerk.