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The Mariners will not baseball today, but other teams will: Open Games Thread

Except the Indians and the Red Sox, because when Fenway was built no buildings had roofs

Elsa/Getty Images

Due to inclement weather shenanigans, and subsequently rescheduled games, this thread is already late going up. For those of you up at 10 AM on a Sunday to watch teams that are generally despised throughout the regular season, I am sorry.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are already beating the Washington Nationals, as they look to improve on a 1-0 series lead. Corey Seager is succeeding at being the asshole younger sibling who shows up the rest of his family, and so far Yasiel Puig hasn't looked at anyone the wrong way.

Game 3 of the Indians vs. Red Sox series has been postponed, due to a distinct lack of chill on the part of Mother Nature

Lastly, if you're a complete masochist, you can watch the Toronto Blue Jays go for a brutal sweep of the Texas Rangers at 4:30 PM PT. Maybe by next season we'll be able to just clone Adrian Beltre and field a team of Beltres, so he can get that WS ring without allowing further happiness for Rangers fans.

I'm going to go sleep for a hundred more years now.