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NL Wild Card Game Viewing Thread

At least this is a game the Mariners couldn't have played in.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The AL has spoken and pushed the Blue Jays into the real postseason. Tonight, at 5:00p PST on ESPN, the Giants and Mets face off for the right to play the juggernaut-esque Cubs. Unlike last night's game, there are two elite level aces squaring off: Madison Bumgarner and Noah Syndergaard.

Both Thor and MadBum had ERAs below 3.00 this year, and each struck out over a quarter of the batters they faced while walking less than six percent. That is what an Ace looks like. That is what every team wants, and very few teams have. We had one of those at one point, but no longer do. Pour one out.

There's no debate to compete with tonight, and there's no football game. These are two teams that the Pacific Northwest doesn't get to see all that often -- sans nationally televised games -- so cherish this moment. These are two teams who didn't knock us out of the race or take our spot. Two teams that are run relatively smartly, and one is a model of sustained success that we can only hope to achieve.

Watch closely, watch for fun, or don't watch. But say Hello. We don't want to miss you.