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Sporcle Friday: Members of the 2016 Seattle Mariners

Can you name all 54 gentlemen who threw a pitch or recorded a plate appearance for the M's in 2016?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It's been 12 days since the 2016 season ended for the Seattle Mariners. Do you miss them? I'm already starting to miss them. Anyway, today is finally the day when you get to take the quiz that you've all been waiting for/dreading. This is the Sporcle that asks you to recall all of the men who played for the M's in 2016. Such fun! This quiz includes the names of 54 different team members (which is actually the largest number of players to ever play for the M's in a single season). Remembering everyone might be pretty tricky, but you can do it. Good luck, my friends.

Here's a direct link. Just in case.