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Sporcle Friday: Picture puzzles of Mariners player names

Can you decipher which player each collection of images corresponds to?

Hello, everybody! It's the first Sporcle quiz of 2016. I hope everyone is having a lovely new year so far and that you're all enjoying Ken-Griffey-Junior-gets-elected-into-the-HOF week.

This quiz is a little bit different. Instead of asking you to identify players based on their awesome/sad statistics, I've put together some word picture puzzle/rebus-style images that describe the names of some past and present Seattle Mariners. Your job is to decipher which player each collection of images corresponds to. Some of these references may be fairly esoteric, but given the relatively small pool of correct answers (i.e., Mariners players), I figured it would be okay if they were a little tough.

Note: For this quiz, you will need to type the full name of each player (first and last).

Also, because this is a "slideshow quiz", it appears as though it is not embeddable. I didn't realize this when I was making it - my bad! Therefore, you'll have to click here to get to the quiz. (It'll open in a new window.) I apologize if this is inconvenient. I'll probably stick to more traditional quizzes moving forward. Please feel free to yell/whine at me in the comments if you found any of these images to be particularly dumb/hard/annoying.