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Hall of fame open thread

Talk about the many outrages and injustices foisted upon us by the evil cabal of sportswriters. Or be happy, or whatever.

We're under two hours until the hall of fame releases the results of its balloting. The hall of fame is very, very silly and due to a variety of amazingly stubborn, selfish, and nearsighted reasons there are more deserving candidates than voters are allowed to even vote for. However this year is different, because for the first time ever a player is going to be elected and that player will go in as a Seattle Mariner.

If you're the type that likes conspiracies and waking up of sheeple here's a tweet that claims to have cracked the code:

There is almost no chance that the beloved and deserving Edgar Martinez gets elected this year but good reason to think his support will see a sharp increase over past years. Griffey is going to get possibly the highest percentage of votes ever, which is a hell of a way for a franchise and fan base to get their first hall of famer and a stamp of approval from the baseball establishment for all of us who fell for Griffey like no athlete before or since.

Talk about it here if you like and we'll recap it when the news comes down at 3 PM.