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Spring fashion preview

Fashion corespondent David Skiba on all the coming trends from the dirt diamond this spring.

So hard to pull off the all-white suit.  Some guys have it all.
So hard to pull off the all-white suit. Some guys have it all.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Today is a very special day, one of those that I am sure we all had marked on the calendar since the season ended last October. We don't get days like this just every day. And that is likely because if we had days like today everyday there would be both way too many clothing options for a major league baseball player but also we would do that time is a flat circle thing and I don't even read Reddit. Today the jerseys/outfits/kits for Spring Training 2016 were released and holy moly can you handle this sort of excitement daily? Me neither.

The big question, that needs answering, is how do we stack up against our rivals? Did we finally embrace the vest? It's hot this season and back in full-force. It is only a matter of time before we should be seeing Seth Smith barely nabbing a double in a flowing vest, buttons everywhere. Well, kids, bad news. On top of likely banning those hover-board things and Kanye changing his album's name again, vests are not back in MLB. I know I'm cancelling my season tickets, so should you. Let's get on to some comments from the resident fashion talking head.

Let's start with the Astros. While it feels safe, you can never go wrong with navy and burnt orange. In the same way that we all find ourselves attracted to sunsets, so too shall the Astros' jerseys be found brilliant. Add in the daring, yet refined yellow and orange piping down the sides of the top and you have yourself a classic, gorgeous desert evening. Totally nectar (cactus joke).

On to the Angels. A bunch of red. It is a tomato team.

The Oakland Athletics are making a strong push for most improved. The addition of the elephant to the hat has been long called for by purists and fashion merchants alike. Elephants are very in this season, and also are loosely associated with the team so it is great to see the squad leveraging both trend and relevance. A true statement maker.

The Seattle Mariners make a bold case this year by changing from the traditional Spring Navy to their more retro Mid-March Teal. People have been calling for teal to make it's comeback since 2001 and nobody is quite sure if this is the year or not. Let's hope the size, or lack thereof, of the emblem on the hat is not a sign of the team's ambitions for the coming year.

Finally, the Texas Rangers are making a bit of a splash by doing what everyone from Oregon is also doing, tattooing their state borders somewhere on their body. The addition of the state of Texas to the hat says something, we aren't sure what however. This could have been potentially a helpful tool, let's say, by pinpointing Austin and San Antonio on the map and sorta erasing the rest. Either way, players on Texas are sure to be able to at least point to the general area their team is from.

So, the question has to go out, who wins the AL West Spring Fashion Award?