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Tell us your fears for the 2016 Seattle Mariners

It will go wrong. Something will. Please tell us which something.

Same, Scott. Same.
Same, Scott. Same.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The roster, minus a last minute pile addition or two, is set. Pitchers and catchers are poised to save us from this wintry hell in just over three weeks. We are approaching the point when the edges of Jerry Dipoto's permanent smile will either curve slightly upward in glee, or almost imperceptibly downward in disappointment and frustration.

It has been one hell of an offseason, with the Mariners reshaping and overhauling almost every aspect of the organization, front and back of house. Dipoto and company viewed this organization as a dilapidated turn of the century Craftsman with good bones. They came in, ripped it down to the studs, slapped on new drywall, paint, wiring, plumbing, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, you name it. The foundation and load bearing supports weren't touched but otherwise, this is a new house.

But, inevitably in every remodel, something gets overlooked, or a corner cut. There is only so much time to flip these kinds of things and a million details to keep in mind. To be sure the Mariners, shiny and new though they are, remain flawed.

My question to you, then, is what cripples them? What part of this team has you most concerned? Where do you see the seemingly unavoidably gaping hole developing, through which the Great One will emerge and swallow this roster, along with all of existence, whole?

Is it a completely new bullpen, filled with bounce back regression candidates/crossed fingers? Do you see the age in the core of the lineup and wince at the thought of Robinson Cano, fresh off double hernia surgery, playing another year at 2nd base? What about the rotation, with its best pitcher looking to rebound from his worst season in over half a decade?

There are, sadly, many things for you to choose from. So answer, and answer well.