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Mariners sign Gaby Sanchez to minor league deal

Hey, what is over there, in that pile?

Keep your heart, Three Stacks.  Keep your heart.
Keep your heart, Three Stacks. Keep your heart.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Today, or maybe last night, or maybe even months ago, the Seattle Mariners signed Gaby Sanchez to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training.  It is hard to know when these things happen, I don't know, the winter wears on us all, maybe I've lost my edge.  Either way, another player with MLB pedigree will be joining the Seattle Mariners for the upcoming contests in Peoria and areas beyond.

So who is Gaby Sanchez?  Well, he's a 32-year-old man who was drafted in 2005 by the Marlins.  Gaby is a right-handed first baseman who as recently as 2013 put up 118 wRC+ and was worth one win while manning first base.  More than anything, this probably means that he and Jesus Montero will be in open competition for a roster spot.  This is a good thing, as Jesus Montero Definite Day One First Baseman against LHP is not a good friend of mine.  In all reality, competition should bring out the best of both of these guys throughout the Spring process, and whichever one makes it through the grinder, the team will be better for it.

Both Montero and Sanchez appear to have the same, rather large hole in their game.  That hole is a penchant for not hitting right-handed pitchers.  The good news?  Very few people are right-handed these days.  It is almost no longer a dominant trait.

In all truth, I like this move a fair bit.  Relying on Montero to fill a platoon efficiently with no back-up plan was never a good idea, and it looks like it was never really the plan.  As well, I, personally, would take Sanchez over a full season over Montero, but I hope I am proven wrong.  Moves like these, if this is truly the Dipoto style, are how the organization can best avoid the Dreaded Black Hole and keep the roster fresh over the course of one hundred and sixty-two games.

Welcome, Gaby.  Potential Seattle Mariner.