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Sporcle Friday: Mariners who hit a home run in 2015

Can you name all of the players on the 2015 M's who hit a HR without naming someone who didn't?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Bombs. Taters. Long balls. Jacks. Round-trippers. Big flies. Four-baggers. Dingers.

Whatever you want to call it, everyone loves a home run. For this week's Sporcle quiz, you're asked to identify each of the 18 Mariners players who hit a home run in 2015. Sounds simple enough, right? Should be easy, yeah?

However, to increase the degree of difficulty a little bit, I've made this quiz a minefield quiz. That means that if you type in the name of a 2015 Mariner who didn't hit a home run, the quiz will end. Think carefully before entering names. (If you enter the name of a player who wasn't on the 2015 M's, you won't lose automatically, but I suspect that you will be filled with shame for making such an embarrassing error.) Also, for this quiz, you will need to type in the complete names of players (first and last).

Good luck!