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Sporcle Friday: Sacrificial Mariners

Can you name the recent Mariners players who've executed five or more sacrifice bunts in a season?

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Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Fact: Over the last several decades, the usage of the sacrifice bunt in MLB has steadily declined.

"Impossible," you protest. "Lloyd called for that nonsense all the time!".

Well, yes, sometimes it seemed like he did. But his behavior was not particularly normal, especially for an AL skipper. Here. Look. I made a chart:

In 2015, the Mariners sacrifice bunted in 0.62% of their plate appearance, which was the 3rd highest in the American League. That value was relatively high, but it was significantly less than half what it was in their inaugural season. The strategies used in baseball have definitely changed over the years. (Duh.) However, not everyone has completely given up on this increasingly-archaic form of based ball. Some players still have the bunting spirit burning deep inside of them!

For today's quiz, your task is to name some of Seattle's most prolific bunters. Specifically, see if you can recall the 33 different M's that have executed five or more sacrifice bunts in a single season since 1995.

Good luck!