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UPDATED: Mariners hire Jerry Dipoto as new GM

The Mariners look poised to name a new General Manager

It's Jerry (maybe!)
It's Jerry (maybe!)
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The Mariners have confirmed that they will hire Jerry Dipoto as the next General Manager.

The team will host a press conference at 10 am tomorrow.


Yesterday, Bob Dutton reported the Mariners' General Manager search could be coming to close, with a new GM announced as early as today depending on how quickly contract negotiations proceed.

Dutton reiterated the common refrain over the last weeks that former Angels GM Jerry Dipoto and Yankees assistant GM Billy Eppler were the leading candidates for the job. So who would be tapped to right the Mariners ship?

According the ESPN's Jim Bowden, it's Dipoto:

The Mariners have yet to confirm the reports. We've discussed both Dipoto and Eppler on Lookout. Dipoto was the Angels' GM from October of 2011 to July 1 of this year, when disagreements with Mike Scioscia and the Angels' front office over, among other things, the integration of analytics in line up construction reportedly led to his resignation. While Dipoto isn't breaking the mould, of all the former GMs in the air supply, this hire reeks of competence and a desire to return the organization to the same. Dipoto is relatively young, has demonstrated an openness to using analytics as a tool to both scout and couch players, and is well regarded in the industry. Plus his hiring will drive the Angels a tiny bit crazy.

Further confirmation could come as early as this afternoon:

We'll post further updates if and when the club responds, but for now, go M's. You've (maybe) got some work to do, Jerry.