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The Mariners discuss important matters

Come, let us consider all that has transpired, and what is yet to come.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The richness of life, and of the game of baseball, is the moments between the action. Inactivity forces conversation, which leads to relationship and bonds that last seasons, careers, lifetimes.The baseball season is interminably long, and at times I think it's ok to just say "this is boring. Let's waste time." Last night, after spending three innings reminding the Kansas City Royals where they come from, Kyle Seager found himself in a moment of repose with John Hicks, while other teammates lingered.

Let's play "What's going on here?"

Seager What

John Hicks: "Holy shit my paychecks are so much bigger up here. I still can't believe they feed us. Last travel day a hotel concierge called me 'sir'! Man, things are finally working out for ol' Hicksy. Gonna buy me a boat."

Kyle Seager: "Yeah I'm not shitting you. Just like this mile long field, with tens of thousands of Union troops, armed to the teeth, dug in on that hill. Still, Lee felt that the Army of Northern Virginia was invincible at this point, they had been whipping the Union armies for years now. So he still says to Pickett's men 'get to that copse of trees boys. Smash 'em. Smash 'em for ol' Virginia." And well they marched out into that field in Gettysburg, PA and well that was the beginning of the end for the Confederacy. Yeah I know man. Hubris is the death of the greatest men."

Sean O'Malley: "Damn these stupid midwest bugs always in my eyes. It's bad enough with allergies and trying to catch pop ups in the lights but then these cicadas the size of my big toe are flapping around and you'd think my eyes were those damn lights in that Wreck It Ralph movie the way the dumbasses fly right at them. GAH ONE'S IN MY NOSE!"

James Paxton: "If Latin is a dead language why is it on all of our money? Why is it used for all the Harry Potter spells? I wonder if science will ever definitively prove/disprove the existence of a soul. GOD I forgot to call the lawn service about my missing bluetooth speaker." /spits

Alternatively, maybe they're talking hitting or something. I dunno. You tell me.